Curriculum Vitae – Lola Perez de Castro Gomez

(January 2018)

Birthdate: 26/05/1998


Phone number: +34 646 03 78 49


2016-Currently: CEO and founder at Desdecero (

2017-currently: Writing a book about my experience as a solo traveler in India.

2017-currently: Cofounder of Batulele, Ikat clothing (

2014 – Currently: Artistic roller skating coach of the competition group at CCVM, for girls aged 4 to 17 years old 

2014 – 2017: Tutoring Mathematics, Science, Spanish literature and English 

2016-2017: Artistic roller skating coach at Colegio Montealto

September-december 2017: Comunnity coordinator, web desiger and public relations at PangeaOfficial. 

February-April 2017: Internship as web designer and reporter for The New Indian Express Newspaper, Indulge magazine in Chennai. (

2016: Photographer for Modipiu

2016: Speech on Desdecero for the alumni of Colegio San Patricio del Soto

2015-2016: Journalism internship at Redaccion iade, IADE University of design´s online newspaper

Summers 2015+2016: Summer camp instructor, at Campamento de patinaje Los Molinos

September 2015: Filming and video editor for IADE University of Design.

2013 -2014: Artistic roller skating coach on the weekends (16:00 – 18:00 hrs) at CCVM.


2017-Currently: Studies bachelor in Bussines Administration at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

October-December 2016: Studies in Art History at IADE University of design

Summer 2016: Certified Rescue Diver (PADI)

2015–2016: Finished 2ºbachillerato al Colegio San Patricio del Soto with an average score of 9/10.

November 2015: Certificated European level C1 in English

September 2015: Artistic roller skating coaching course with Albert Palau (national coach).

June 2015: Titled for First AID CPR AED by SUMMA.

March 2015: Fashion design short course at IADE University in Madrid (Three months, official titling).

2013-2014: Year abroad in Michigan, coursing sophomore year at Jonesville High School.

2014: Titled in First Aid CPR AED by the American Heart Association.

2008-2012: Studied four years of German.


Artistic roller skating: Started competing individually when I was 7 years old and coaching when I was 14. Currently coach, train and compete at a national level as part os a group.

Scuba Diving: Licensed as an Open Water Diver in 2010 at Cabo de Gata, Almeria, Advanced Open Water summer 2013, and Rescue Diver 2016.

Photography: I have participated in many photography contests and I have been finalist of some of them. I know how to work with Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, InDesign, and Illustrator. Worked as photographer for Modipiu and at various events.

Filming: I have worked as a video director for IADE University, using Adobe Premiere Pro

Others: I have participated in many sailing courses during the summer. I like skiing. I was part of the competitive cheerleading, soccer and track teams while living in Michigan. I love reading, writing and painting. I have gone on a few yoga and meditation retreats in India and Spain.


Bali (April-May 2017): One month on the island of Bali with my aunt (professional painter) and cousin. Cofounded clothing brand called Batulele.

India (February-April 2017): 3 months working at The New Indian Express and traveling through South-India.

Peru (January 2017): Twenty-day trip through Peru.

Interrail: Thirty days travelling through Europe.

España Rumbo al Sur (ERS) 2015: I was chosen as a finalist after being able to manage a crowdfunding project and participate in a military based first phase. I got selected with other 19 people aged 16-17 by that time to go granted to Brussels and visit the EU parliament. I also got selected within the 100 best youngsters to take part in an expedition through Morocco (July 21st – August 7th 2015), doing many activities such as volunteering, tons of exercise coached by firemen and many other activities which involved personal development.

Turkey: I went to turkey as part of an art group guided by Juan Botella to visit the Istanbul Art Biennale 2015.

India: (December 2015 – January 2016) Twenty-day trip through Rajasthan.

Others: Travelled to Venice (2014) to guest the Architecture Biennale and to plenty of places in the US while living there (Chicago, NY, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls and others). I have also been on many family trips to places such as Portugal, London and Paris.


Desdecero is a conference-based event organiser that helps narrowing the intergenerational gap. I founded this small organisation on September 2016. (More info: